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Dear: EX and FAIR. With us, the name says it all and we are not only fair to our customers, but also to our environment. For decades, it was common practice in the industry to simply dispose of exhibition stands after a single use. But we have not been doing this for a long time. Producing tons of plastic and demolition waste, even hazardous waste, is not only inefficient and expensive, it is simply not up to date and ultimately an environmental sin.


6 reasons for sustainable
trade fair construction

Conserve resources: Sustainable stand construction conserves resources by using reusable materials and minimizing the use of disposable materials.
Cost savings: Sustainable stand construction can bring long-term cost savings by avoiding the use of expensive disposable materials.
Environmental protection: Sustainable stand construction contributes to environmental protection by counteracting waste generation and CO2 emissions.
Improve corporate image: Sustainable trade fair construction can help improve a company's image by portraying it as responsible and environmentally friendly.
Increase customer satisfaction: Customers appreciate when companies care about the environment, and sustainable trade fair construction can help increase customer satisfaction.
Fulfil legal regulations: In many countries, there are legal regulations and requirements for sustainable stand construction that need to be met. Sustainable stand construction helps to meet these requirements and ensure compliance with laws.

Instead, we focus on planning and producing your trade fair stand as sustainably as possible.This means:

• Use of reusable aluminum profiles
• Use of recyclable or reusable fabrics and carpets
• Use of rental furniture or furniture that is reusable and ideally regionally available
• Use of products that have been produced in a climate-friendly way or that are renewable

The goal is always to create a booth where exceptional, high-quality design and sustainable construction go hand in hand. Ideally, a stand that can be used many times - each time with a little variation.

This is not only good for our future and the good, "green" conscience. It also inspires your customers, who will certainly honor, if not expect, sustainability as the core of your trade fair strategy.

EXFAIR offers you resource-saving trade fair stand production. Flexible. Efficient. Sustainable. Take advantage of this opportunity - for the sake of business and the environment.

Messelager, Handarbeit


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