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Discover our customized exhibition stand construction solutions that showcase your brand and inspire visitors. From innovative stand designs to sustainable aluminum system special solutions - we offer you the all-round carefree package for successful trade fair appearances. Let us realize your vision together and create extraordinary experiences.

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We handle every small detail, from project management to construction management and delivery to catering and hostess services, to ensure that your trade show exhibit is a total success. The comprehensive carefree package from EXFAIR also includes our individualized support and seamless quality assurance.


Trade show booths that are a sight to
behold. Here you go:

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Brand experiences

With our 4-step process, you can rest assured that your trade fair project is in the best hands from start to finish. We take care of the entire process so that you can concentrate on the essentials: Your trade fair appearance and the success of your brand.


1. conception and planning:

Unser Messeprojekt beginnt mit einem tiefen Verständnis Ihrer Marke, Ihrer Ziele und Ihrer Zielgruppe. In dieser Phase analysieren wir Ihre Anforderungen und Wünsche und entwickeln ein maßgeschneidertes Konzept, das Ihre Botschaft perfekt widerspiegelt. Wir planen jeden Aspekt, von der Standgröße über das Design bis hin zur Technologieintegration.

2. design and creation:

With the concept as a basis, our creative experts turn your ideas into an impressive design. We create sketches, 3D models and renderings to give you a clear idea of what your exhibition stand will look like. Here you have the opportunity to give feedback and make adjustments to ensure the design meets your expectations.

3. implementation and structure:

Once the design has been agreed, our experienced craftsmen take over the implementation. We use high-quality materials and modern technologies to ensure that your exhibition stand is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and durable. Set-up is carried out professionally and on time to take the stress away and ensure a smooth process.

4. finishing and success:

Before the trade fair, we check every single aspect to make sure everything is perfect. We take care of the final touches, lighting, graphics and details to make sure your stand looks its best. During the show, we're on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly. After the event, we evaluate the success of the project and discuss possible improvements for future projects.



Performances that leave an impression



Trade show planning made easy:
The right stand for every hall position

Row stand-only one open side

Don't be limited by the standard trade fair stand! Even a row stand offers numerous possibilities for individualization and can be designed entirely according to your wishes with innovative design options. Whether completely modular trade fair stands, folding or roll-up displays or mobile sales and trade fair counters-skillfully showcase your products and services and stand out from the crowd. With us you will find everything you need for a successful trade show appearance-from planning to implementation.

Reihenstand mit Soff BannerEckstand  mit individueller Beschriftung
Corner stand - two open sides

Corner stands are rarely found at trade shows, but due to their special stand shape and high visitor frequency, they offer a variety of creative ways to attract even more customers with an appealing design. In addition, the size of corner stands makes it possible to set up a quiet corner for business discussions in addition to walk-in customers.

Headstand - three open sides

A head stand is one of the more eye-catching types of booth at a trade show because it is closed on only one side, making it open on three sides. As a result, it offers companies a large area to present their offers in an appealing way and attracts a lot of attention. It also provides potential customers with a good overview of the booth and enables a continuous flow of visitors.

Kopfstand mit Stoff bannerInselstand
Island stand / block stand-open on four sides

An island stand, with its four open sides, offers many set-up possibilities and the greatest flow of visitors of all types of exhibition stands. Due to the lack of direct competition, you get maximum attention, but island stands are also one of the most expensive types of exhibition stands. A modular exhibition stand system is best suited to ideally present services and products, while additional exhibition furniture provides the feel-good factor for visitors.


6 reasons for a trade fair

Reach a Wide Audience: Trade shows are an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase their products or services to a broad audience. This audience can include potential customers, industry experts, investors, and even competitors.
Generate Leads: One of the primary objectives of exhibiting at a trade show is to generate leads. Trade shows provide a platform to connect with potential customers and showcase your products and services, which can result in valuable leads.
Networking: Trade shows are an excellent opportunity for companies to meet and network with other professionals and industry experts. This can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and other valuable business relationships.
Brand Building: Exhibiting at a trade show can help build brand recognition and awareness. Companies can use this platform to showcase their brand, values, and products/services, and stand out from the competition.
Real-time Customer Feedback: Exhibiting at a trade show provides an opportunity to receive immediate feedback from potential customers on products or services. This feedback can be used to improve products/services and overall customer experience.
Competitive Advantage: Finally, exhibiting at a trade show can provide a competitive advantage. Companies can showcase new and innovative products/services, gain valuable customer insights, and position themselves as leaders in the industry.


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