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Row position —
only one open page

Row stands are the most common at trade fairs. It is often offered by the organizer as a standard exhibition stand. Here, the stand has direct neighbors on the left and right and is only open to the front. However, a row stand also offers a variety of options to individualize it according to your own wishes.

For example, completely modular exhibition stands or folding or roll-up displays offer a wide range of exciting display options. In addition, mobile and reusable sales and exhibition counters, brochure and monitor stands, and exhibition furniture can be used for your exhibition concept. A row stand doesn't have to be a disadvantage, but can stand out clearly in addition to its exhibition neighbors, especially with creative design.

Reihenstand mit Soff Banner

corner stand — two open sides

Corner stands are rarely found at trade fairs, but they always catch the eye. This is because this type of exhibition stand has two open sides that are directly adjacent to two passages, so that the stand almost automatically has a higher number of visitors. However, due to the size of the corner stands, it is possible to always set up a quiet corner for business meetings in addition to walk-in customers.

Due to the unusual shape of the stand, there is a particularly wide variety of construction creations to guide even more customers around the exhibition stand with an appealing design.

Eckstand  mit individueller Beschriftung

Headstand — three open sides

With a headstand, the surface is open on three sides; it only has a single closed side — at the “head end”. At such a stand, companies can present their offers in a particularly appealing way. In addition, headstands are usually very variable in terms of area, so you are usually not forced to rent a specified size. This exhibition stand ART is not considered one of the more eye-catching at a trade fair for nothing.

The wall area of the stand offers enough space to present your company in a graphically appealing way. Thanks to its open and inviting appearance, a headstand can attract a lot of attention and offers a good, continuous flow of visitors. And: Potential customers always have a good overview of your exhibition stand.

Kopfstand mit Stoff banner

Island stand / Block stand — open on four sides

With its four open sides, the island stand (also known as block stand) offers the most construction options. It is actually always a potential eye-catcher and, thanks to its openness on all sides, has the largest flow of visitors of all types of trade fair stands. Another advantage is that the stand has no immediate neighbors, so that you get maximum attention with your free-standing exhibition stand without direct competition. However, you should keep in mind that block stands have one of the most expensive rental prices.

Since there are no side walls, an island stand always offers a modular exhibition stand system to ideally showcase your services and products. Additional exhibition furniture then ensures that visitors feel right at home.



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